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Exciting pieces are in the design process.  These pieces will not only be different from my usual inspiration but also involve other types of material, which I think will look fantastic.   My source of inspiration comes from modern communication.  How we now express our thoughts and emotions through technology.

Here is a little inkling of what’s to come:


Watch out for this space.

Here are a few books relating to jewellery that I highly recommend for any professional or aspiring jeweller to read.  You can really never learn enough in this industry. :)StoneSettingforContemporaryJewelleryMarkersbyMelissaHunt Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewellery Makers book of tutorials for different settings.  I have a basic knowledge on stonesetting and mounts  but want to learn more about settings and the maths behind it. CreativeStoneSettingbyJognCogswellCreative Stonesetting has a more innovative approach to to stone setting designs.  A bible for stonesetting technique tips, guides and very useful diagrams.  It’s not a cheap purchase by any means (I think I bought it for about £40) but it’s definitely worth every penny for what you learn.

PaperJewellerybySarahKelly I go through phases of making origami and have been thinking of ways to incorporate the art of paper folding with jewellery.  However, I found incorporating chiyogami (Japanese decorative, patterned paper) to be difficult due to the fragility of the material.  If you search for Saloukee (the author’s jewellery brand) then you will notice the clean, precise and beautiful handmade pieces.  Her book ‘Paper Jewellery‘ is interesting and edifying, with plenty of images from other jewellers who use paper to create something imaginative and eye catching.

On the technical drawing and rendering side I have book I highly suggest..but I can’t remember the name (it’s definitely written in German though) and when I did try to find it online (it was a very rare book to attain).  I have written the name down so once I get hold of that notepad I will update this post. :)

It’s been a long time waiting but here are photos of the commissions I designed and made for a wedding.

A couple of weeks ago I was given the honour of creating jewellery for my auntie’s weddings.  For the wedding she wanted an simple arm cuff and a neckpiece with the addition of two other pieces, which would be gifts for her maid of honour and bridesmaid.  With pieces to design and be given the green light, as well as making the pieces, I knew the completion would go down to the wire and thankfully all jewellery was done within time.

There were a few hiccups (an understatement?  Possibly.) along the way but everything worked out and come the special day (29th June) I was thrilled to hear the jewellery was “perfect” and “better than the pictures (CAD renderings)”.  Compliments don’t get much better than that and I’m really happy my auntie loved them.

This would be the part where I show off pictures of the commission pieces but that’s how little the time frame between finishing the pieces and the wedding hour was.  Also, the photos I did managed to take don’t do the pieces any justice so I’ll post pictures another day (that, or they’ll be up on my Commissions page).  I do have CAD renderings however.  The final pieces were tweaked  to look more fluid, prettier and less bulky than what the renderings show.

Simplicity was key during the design process and with the bride not sure about the kind of jewellery she wanted I asked her to peruse my online boutique and pick out pieces she liked.  From there bespoke pieces were designed specially for her big day.

Feather neckpiece – this piece is a deviation of my Lamina Neckpiece.  The feathers have two different finishes, high polish and satin, to give the piece more depth.  The dangling feathers are smaller on the actual piece and I tweaked the “stems” to give the piece a more fine jewellery feel.  I feel this piece complimented the bride’s dress very well (fortunately, as I forgot to ask to see the dress…whoops).

Arm cuff – the thinking behind the cuff was to amalgamate the bride’s design of the bride’s engagement rings and the neckpiece.  Instead of setting the cuff with a synthetic amethyst pear/teardrop I substituted with an amethyst Swarovski oval crystal.

Filigree hoops earrings – all the pieces were made from silver but the filigree embellishments on hoops were rose gold plated, each hoop is set with a rhodolite garnet.

Kirie pendant – a more simplistic piece based on my Kirie collection.

A short video exhibiting the things I make and have made in the past. :)

Letter F


Dear Letter F,

Why must you make life hard?

Yours sincerely,

I kid.  However, the typographical ring bands haven’t quite worked out but that’s not to say they won’t work.  They will.  With certain characters the dimensions were a bit off, ergo parts of the character’s structural integrity was weakened.  No physical samples were made but this means I know what my font will require.  This will be the first time I’ve created my very own font but it’s skill I’ve been interested in and wondered how the process works.

With the font I hope to achieve:

  • Good thickness so there will not be an issue with the fragility of the ring
  • A nice, flowy cursive font
  • Italicised cursive font
  • Become more acquainted to producing custom fonts so I can develop on this series to create other jewellery pieces

5JYQNW8PPWTE (Ignore this, I’m just verifying for Technorati.)

In a few weeks I should have the samples of my Calligraphy rings, which is exciting because this will be the first time I have used 3D printing so hopefully these intricate rings will come out perfectly.  Like so:

Callipgraphy Rings Samples 2

The samples rings will be gold-plated.  They will also determine whether I need to make any adjustments to the typography itself.

I have also been working on a mobile site, which is a little more difficult than I first anticipated but it’s coming along.  This means mobile users will be able to view my site better and more smoothly.  I won’t put a time stamp for when the mobile site will be live as I want to make sure it works perfectly.  When it does go live I will be sure to let you know on here or on my Twitter.

These customisable quote rings will soon be available at The examples above are platinum and yellow gold, the font for both is cursive with the Latin phrase “audere est facere”, which translates to “to dare is to do”. Along with the aforementioned precious metal the rings in silver will also be an open option.

For those who follow me on Twitter1, you will be aware that I have been working on simple ring bands based around calligraphy.  I find typography interesting, particularly cursive writing where you get a fluid continuity between letters, so wanted to experiment with making jewellery from cursive fonts.  For the samples I have used a Latin phrase ‘audere est facere’2, which translates to3 ‘to dare is to do’:

These rings are in platinum and yellow gold. The rings on the right consist of a more italicised calligraphy, the thing I will need to work on is making the letters of the font flow into one another better as with certain letters the ring band won’t always have that fluidity. Other than that I think they look great.

  1. The more likely source to find out first hand what I’m up to. []
  2. Tottenham Hotspur fans will be familiar with the saying. []
  3. Or at least I hope it does… []

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